About Us

About Us

We are an outdoor lifestyle brand focused on driving connectedness through quality products that are good for people and the planet. All of our designs are made by us in Boulder Creek CA and then manufactured by our suppliers before being shipped to you.

Our Story

We love being outdoors. It’s our happy place. We are always blissfully unaware of time when wallowing in nature. We have also found wild spaces incredibly healing. The outdoors is where we go to feel connected to ourselves, one another, and the planet. For us time away from the noise and frenzy of everyday life has become an essential part of our lives. We also comeback recharged and transformed into a calmer happier version of ourselves. 

It is this sense of connectedness, calm, and rejuvenation that we want to embody with our products. We strive to capture the feelings you have when plugged-in to your abilities and surroundings — wherever or whatever that means to you. For us it is a long backpacking trip, but for you it might be a long day of surfing, mountain biking, or practicing yoga in a nearby park. Point is…we create products that we hope serve as physical reminders to prioritize getting outside. 

We also believe in community. As is implied in our name we spend most days surrounded by towering coastal redwood trees surrounding our home in Boulder Creek California. These trees live for hundreds to thousands of years. Weathering storms, high winds, soil erosion, and wildfires. What’s their secret? Community. They rely on the shared strength of their shallow interconnected root systems that help each tree support the other. Humans aren’t that different from redwoods. We need others to grow and weather the storms of life. 

Lastly we believe in sustainability. Each of us has the ability to help or harm the planet we call home through the decisions we make each day. From small things like using a reusable water bottle to big things like installing solar. Sustainability lives on a spectrum of cost and effort. We recognize not everyone can live a completely carbon neutral lifestyle, but hope that choosing our products can be an easy starting point towards living more harmoniously with the planet. 

Our mission

At towering tree design we are on a mission to build sustainable outdoor communities and wild lands through eco-friendly products. This is why we have chosen to partner with Teemill for all of our clothing goods. All of our clothing is made with natural materials like organic cotton, in factories powered by renewable energy. They also provide a pathway to send back worn our clothes to be remade into new ones once they’re worn out, keeping materials out of landfill and in the loop. Our mission is also what drove us use a portion of our profits to plant trees around the globe and offset the carbon costs of shipping our products.